No Hormone Vegetal Vigra Herbal Male Enhancement Sex Capsule for Men Weak Sperm

No Hormone Vegetal Vigra Herbal Male Enhancement, Sex Capsule for Men Weak Sperm


Ingredients: This product is made from the essence of tens of precious herbal plants without any hormones based on the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine and the technology of most  sophisticated low temperature extraction It is more effective and easily absorbable and can be used for long time due to its refined formula..

Function: In tended for impotence, premature ejaculation, and anaphrodisia, one granule is effective in the body within 120 hours and can induce erection within 120hours in a sexual ambience, also suitable for patients with high blood pressure or cardio/cerebrovascular diseases.

Usage: Intake of 1 granule prior to your need with lukewarm water  before 20-30 minutes will give you divine performance.

Specification: 200mg*8capsules / box

Caution: Use by juveniles and pregnants are forbidden

Shelf life: 3 years


Men Sex Capsule

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